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FRONTOPLASTY (forehead lift surgery)

Frontoplasty or forehead lift surgery is a procedure that improves and restores a fresh and juvenile aspect of the frontal area. This procedure corrects eyebrows drops and improves expression lines that makes people look like tired, sad or in a bad mood.


On the eyebrows level besides lifting and setting them, it is possible to modify its form working all the extension or only the eyebrow’s tail.

This surgery is performed ENDOSCOPICALLY, that is, using a lens that allows to visualize all forehead’s structures without damaging any nervous or vascular structure and which is introduced by very small incisions (1,5 cm) in the scalp, which shall be completely imperceptibles. We use a special technique of internal fixation of the tissues to the bone allowing assuring results through the years and not letting the eyebrows to fall on the following months.


This is an ambulatory surgery which takes 2 hours that can be performed under sedation and local anesthesia or general anesthesia (especially if other surgeries are going to be performed).


It has a recovery of 1 week, a slight inflammation is produced in the forehead and cheeks area that goes away quickly, occasionally appears bruises.


The frontoplasty can sometimes be performed with eyelids surgery to obtain a better result of the lower third part of the face, or also can go together with rejuvenescence from the lower part of the face (Rhytidoplasty).