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GINECOMASTY (Male breast reduction)

Often unaesthetic swellings on the male chest are not determined by fat or by the excess localization of fat, but by an anomalous accentuation of the  mammary gland. There are different reasons for this: hormonal or chromosomal problems, obesity (pseudo-ginecomasty).

The excessive development of the mammary gland (unless it is caused by taking particular medicines, such as  gastroprotectors, or those prescribed in antiturmour hormonal treatment) can only be resolved surgically.


The surgery does not last very long, about  30-40 minutes. The time required for an anaesthetic and a post operation examination indicate a stay in the clinic of 3-4 hours.


The fatty component of the male breast is initially reduced by carrying out a simple  Liposuction of the breast. The glandular excess which remains is,  therefore, removed by making a small hidden incision along the lower edge of the  areola of the breast.