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Laser liposuction is the newest trend in liposuction today. With this technique , patients can experience the least invasive method of liposuction available in the field of cosmetic surgery, "melting" away excess fat in target areas such as the thighs, abdomen, arms, neck and parts of the face. This method is considered far less invasive than other forms of liposuction, reducing the length of recovery time and allowing dramatic results to appear faster.


The equipment deliver a Laser fibre through a cannula. The cannula, smaller than the one used for traditional liposuction procedures, is inserted into the areas of the body that are targeted for fat removal. When the laser comes into contact with the undesirable subcutaneous fat, it ruptures the fat and coagulates tissue as well as blood vessels in the area. This results in a tightening of the tissue and a reduction in bleeding, bruising, and swelling.


Any incisions made are much smaller because of the size of the cannula used, requiring no stitches. As a result, scars are less noticeable. After the procedure patients experience far less pain than other forms of liposuction. There is usually no bleeding and bruising that typically accompanies recovery.